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Areni 1 brand footwear making process

Have you ever wondered how the shoes we wear are made? What stages do they go through and who are involved in that process? Making footwear is not an easy process at all, and it requires quite a lot of time, workers, resources and so on. And what about the process of making handmade shoes? It is another story, which we are going to show you. So here we go:

Develop a Story

Everything starts with developing a story. Every shoe we made in Areni1 company has a story. And this story goes back to our roots. Armenia, being one of the oldest countries where the art of shoemaking reached its peak, gives us a lot of inspirations and ideas. We mix those ideas to modern and unique design and create shoes that are of highest quality, unique and elegant.


The main idea and inspiration of our Premier high-top collection is the representation of ancient Urartian cuneiform text (սեպագրեր) in our shoes. This text was found from Erebuni fortress, which was one the most important political, cultural centers of ancient Urartian kingdom.

Our Premier low-top collection features a unique zigzag stitching method, which was used quite often in pagan times. This type of stitching technique needs detailed works and can only be done by hand, like it was thousands of years ago.

The bottom of the soles of our shoes is inspired from the symphony of stones, one of the most famous and beautiful natural monuments of Armenia.

Choice of colors and materials

The next stage of our shoe making process is the choice of colors and materials. We only use the best materials, which guarantee the durability of footwear and ensure quality and comfort. The soles are made from solid polyurethane, which is an organic material and lasts 5 times longer than rubber. The leather/suede we use is of the best quality and is imported from Italy. And then, after having the idea, colors and materials we start the process of creating an “art”.

Technological process etc.

All the shoe making process, from start to finish, is handmade. Our master craftsmen, that are engaged in the process, give all their experience, passion and devotion in every stage of the process.

After selecting the leather and all the materials, we start sewing and stitching the parts and components, adding eyelets, assembling the shoe and giving it a shape. Then we unite the sole with its upper part. Once the process is done, the shoe is lasted and placed into a warm oven, which makes the leather tighten. After it, we clean all the stains, wax if necessary, burnish and polish the shoe giving it the excellent look.

Then the shoe is ready to be worn. And, as Armenians say – “Բարով մաշես” or “Wear it in good health”.

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