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10 reasons why you need to choose handmade footwear

Handmade shoes are tailored, created and designed by hand. They are made to be more comfortable, unique and long-lasting meeting all your needs and preferences. But why to choose handmade footwear over machine made ones? Here in this article we will present the main advantages that you benefit from wearing these shoes.

  1. Elegance: Handmade shoes are genuinely crafted for you. They are made with love and care. And this is the most important feature which makes them distinguished and outstanding.
  2. Uniqueness: Mass produced machine-made shoes are mostly manufactured by general and certain standards and fashion, so they usually look the same. On the contrary! handmade shoes are made from exquisite materials with different design, styles, textures, which help you show your unique personality and class.
  3. Quality: Handmade shoes are carefully crafted from brilliant materials which make them last longer and look brand new. This kind of quality, for sure, you can’t expect from the machine-made shoes.
  4. Craftsmanship: Master craftsmen are included in the process of making handmade footwear. So, these tailor-made shoes have great stitches, eyelets, welts and soles. The experts professionally craft the shoes giving all the care and their years of experience in every pair of the shoe.

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  1. Durability: If you need a shoe for a longer period of time handmade shoes are flawless decision. They are made of the best materials, are crafted carefully and completely.
  2. Cost effectiveness: Actually, you save money when buying handmade footwear. These kinds of shoes will last longer, and you won’t need to buy another one after a few months of use.
  3. Comfort: Nothing can be more annoying than poorly fitting shoes. They are not only painful but also can cause a number of health problems. Handmade footwear is built and carefully assembled to be perfect in size and fit. Its exact fit and great quality ensure your comfort and feet support.
  4. Breathability: The genuine material of handmade shoes provides air flow and cools inside. That’s why these shoes guarantee excellent breathability and a maximum level of comfort.
  5. Ecologically friendly: Most of the machine-made shoes are made from synthetic fabrics and they release harmful materials and gases during manufacturing process. Handmade shoes are made from natural leather and crafted by hand which makes them eco-friendly.
  6. Supporting handmade: Not only you benefit from buying handmade footwear, but also you support craftsmen, shoe makers and individual businesses to grow. So, you help developing the art of shoemaking.
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