How do your shoes fit?

Our shoes run true to size in EU sizing. If you have a pair of shoes from a european brand (especially Italian) order from us based on the size that fits you best from that pair. For US sizing, our shoes tend to run big, so if you’re unsure it’s best to round down 1/2 size. If you’re having trouble deciding, feel free to send us an email at info@areni1.store.

Are there special care instructions for your shoes?

We use the finest Italian shoe leather available, so it’s very robust and doesn’t need much care. Under heavy rain, the pattern on our suede may be disrupted, but the suede itself is will be fine. Brushing it will resolve any marks from heavy rain or other scuffs. Since our soles are made from biodegradable polyurethane, our shoes must be worn at least once per year or there’s a risk that the sole will begin to biodegrade. As long as they’re worn at least once a year, our shoes (and soles) are designed to last for many years.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

We do- returns and exchanges are acceptable within 30 days if the product is undamaged. Refunds are also acceptable for defective products. Reach out at info@areni1.store if this is the case.

Are your shoes really handmade? What does that mean?

Yes- our shoes are all handmade from start to finish in the heart of Armenia: Yerevan. Everything from stitching, assembly, and hammering around the last, to joining the sole to the upper is done by hand by a close-knit team of 40 experts. You can learn more about the process and what makes our brand special by watching our webseries, InsideA1, which is published on our Facebook page.